Mexican Vampire Woman on Display at Ripley

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by Tattoosue on September 17, 2011

Although I found this article published in a couple places on the web, I really wasn’t clear on why Ripley wants the Mexican Vampire Woman’s cast in their museum.  I heard in the video that she was the most “unusual woman” so we’ll go with that.

Her name is Maria Jose Cristerna but she’s better known as the Mexican Vampire woman.  It’s the combination of her completely tattooed body along with the many skin and dental implants the woman has.  Including vampire fangs. Her tattoos tell the story of her life and the hardships she went through as a battered housewife.  Now she’s using the publicity she attracts to raise money for a battered woman’s shelter located in Mexico.

Ripley’s says it will eventually have life sized wax statues of Maria throughout the world.  Her tattoos will be hand painted on each statue.

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xandy September 19, 2011 at 2:28 am

i think tattoo is very interesting, you can pass it to express our like things

Melissa Capo October 21, 2011 at 10:54 pm

I think there is nothing wrong with getting a permanent tattoo. Of course they aren’t for everyone but there is nothing wrong with wanting a tattoo for life. It’s usually a good idea though, to know for sure what you want and to have a really talented artist do it for you!

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