5,500 Killed Every Day

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by Tattoosue on July 14, 2012

This post is about how one artist is using his talent for a good cause and one that I feel strongly about.  The problem is the cat and dog population which is currently being dealt with by our shelters by euthanizing over five thousand animals every day!!!

Barone and Marina Dervan founded An Act of Dog, a nonprofit group fighting against euthanasia at animal shelters. They have programs and guidelines that cities can work on to work towards a non-killing city.  These methods really work but you have to educate people about the methods first.

All of the dog paintings are done by Mark Barone and are part of an art museum project. The portraits that Mark painted were all dogs scheduled for euthanasia. He got the pictures from Dogs in Danger and from various rescue groups.  It’s taken him two years to paint all of the dogs. He completed a total of 5,500 portraits over the past couple of years to represent the animals put down on any given day.

You can see a large number of his paintings – along with the dog’s name and the day they were put down.  We should be ashamed of how easily we breed and then turn around and kill our cats and dogs.  We treat them like disposable “things”.

Back on track – The portraits will be sold to help with his nonprofit who hope to educate city shelters to work towards being a no-kill facility – it’s hard to believe but it’s possible and other cities have already done it.

An Act of Dog

No Kill Advocacy Center

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