Gigerdom: H.R Giger’s influence in the tattoo world

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Gigerdom: H.R Giger’s influence in the tattoo world

Popular Swiss artist H.R. Giger has a style all his own.  His designs have made waves in the tattoo world and given rise to a whole new style of body art – biomechanical tattoos.

Biomechanical art catapulted to fame in 1979 after H.R. Giger created and designed all the aliens in the award-winning movie Alien, directed by Ridley Scott.  After the buzz generated by the film, tattoo artists the world over began offering tattoos of images taken directly from the movie.  Other artists, including Guy Aitchinson and Aaron Cain, were so inspired by Giger’s drawings that they began creating their own original art based on this new style, and thus the biomechanical tattoo was born.

Gigerdom: H.R Giger's influence in the tattoo world

Coming from two words, ‘bio’ referring to biology and living things and ‘mechanical’ referring to machines, biomechanical art is a surrealistic art form that blends elements of alien tissues or machines with human anatomy.  It represents an internal fantasy world where parts of the human body, such as the joints and bones, are swapped with metal tubes, gears, pistons circuits or wiring and then infused with muscles and tendons.

The end result is a tattoo that makes you resemble an alien hybrid or cyborg with something lurking under your skin.  Done properly, the tattoo should be realistic enough to seem like it has always been a part of your body.  The point of these tattoos is to trick the eye by appearing as natural as possible.  With this in mind, the tattoo artist has to ensure that the tattoo is placed over the correct muscles and joints and that it blends as naturally as possible with the rest of the skin.

Gigerdom: H.R Giger's influence in the tattoo world

Biomechanical tattoos are ideal for sleeves and look good both in color or black and gray.  The latter is the more favored choice, since monochrome colors are associated with machinery and look more realistic.  Sometimes blue ink may be used for the cables and wires, while red ink may be used to emphasize human tissues and muscles.

Biomechanical tattoos typically require several tattoo sessions to complete, depending on their details and designs.  Judging by their uniqueness and popularity, these tattoos will be around for a while.

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They Just Met – Yet Woman Gets Name Tattooed on her Face

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by Tattoosue on February 6, 2013

I think most of us are aware of the warning about putting your lover’s name ANYWHERE on your body. It’s not a good idea. I would bet anything it’s the number one reason people get tattoos removed.

This is related but this is so over the top it’s hard to believe. After meeting just hours before, this beautiful girl and tattoo artist fell in love and she let him ink his name right across her face in huge Gothic script.


They met online in a chat room just this past January. Ruslan Toumaniantz, the tattooist, is also the same guy that put 56 stars on the face of a young woman back in 2009. Big publicity for him in that case and also for this stunt. It makes you really question his judgment and motivation.  Even if she was momentarily enthralled with this guy, he should have put the brakes on this tattoo craziness.

They got engaged on January 20th.  A friend of the pair said: “Their plans for a life together include her learning to tattoo while she also gets the full-body ink that she’s always dreamed of and of course a family.”

I hate be negative – but does anyone really thinks any of this is a good idea?  Here’s a picture of her before the tattoo:


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Russia Has Strange Sexual Suggestion for Its Military

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butt-tattooThis story sounds like a joke but it was printed in a Russian paper as well as carried by the BBC.

According to the BBC report, Russia’s Defense Ministry is “encouraging” soldiers to be on the lookout for tattoos on their fellow soldier’s private parts and buttocks.   They claim the tattoos would be a design or symbol representing their sexual orientation.

This guideline is quoted as saying that tattoos may indicate a “low cultural and educational level” and “possible sexual deviations”.

The LGBT community in Russia claims tattoos identifying sexual orientation on the genitals was rare for homosexuals – just like any group of individuals.

Military guideline? – Makes you wonder how they came up with this bizarre recommendation. Talk about sexual deviates.

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Five Year Old Cheers for SF with her Cute Tattoos

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by Tattoosue on January 29, 2013

The Super Bowl is this weekend and little Sarah Redden from Dayton Ohio is letting everyone know who she’s rooting for!

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Best Koi Backpiece Ever

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by Tattoosue on January 23, 2013

At least in my opinion.  Outstanding….love the subtle look of the second koi.  It makes the yellow Koi just pop right off the back. By artist Matt Maguire

Matt Maguire Koi Backpiece



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Tattoo Illusion

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by Tattoosue on January 22, 2013

Gotta say – I just thought this was a cool tattoo.

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